Meet Valerie

My love affair with skincare began when I was a little girl.  Some of my fondest memories are of watching my mother apply her skincare and makeup before work as a hair stylist and salon owner.  I loved the magic in her beauty rituals.

This fascination has led to a lifelong passion for helping my clients experience personal beauty that radiates from within.  I am committed to caring for people and their authentic health and happiness.    I believe that skincare can be self- care and when practiced with loving kindness we can experience a sense of replenishment and rejuvenation that is outwardly visible.  The combination of my knowledge of the latest non-invasive skincare treatments and products along with my understanding of the many paths that lead to a holistic lifestyle are the principles that guide me through my practice at Valerie Yager skincare.

What inspires me most about the services I offer is witnessing my clients see and feel the difference that a bespoke facial treatment or home care routine creates.  Seeing the tension melt away after a nurturing facial,  finding a new found confidence that helps them hold their head a little higher.  These are the moments I live for!

Light & Blessings,

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